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Loans. They’re a great idea. They enable people everywhere to do things, experience things. Fun things. Necessary things. That’s why people everywhere take them.

But loans can also be outdated, messy or too many.

At Sambla Group, we are a fintech company on a journey with a clear goal – to make loans better for all. To do it, we need you, your drive, your ambition and your skills.

Our fintech journey is fueled by driven and clever people who work together to reach new heights. So, welcome aboard to make loans better. We are looking for you who wants to be and do all that you can.

Our benefits

Promoting wellness activities

Recruitment bonus

Wellness Grant

Occupational pension

Parental Salary

Common events & parties

Open positions

Fun facts about us

93,7% of us look forward to come to the office

We have three office dogs, and counting!

We're established in the entire Nordic region

We speak 25 different languages at the office

We have 15 self announced pingpong masters at the office

In 2021 we've been fortunate enough to welcome 1,38 new colleagues/week

We began our journey in Stockholm in 2011. Since then we have expanded rapidly!


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